Saturday, July 7, 2012

Our Wedding Day!

June 16, 2012
Forrest and I are officially married! It all happened on June 16, 2012 in Grand Haven, Michigan. Our ceremony was on the beach of my childhood home also known as Lakeshore Inn. The day was perfect in everyway we had our family, friends, and a lot of love! 

The dress was amazing! It was passed down from my cousin, Naomi, under one condition-that I get in the Lake wearing it at the end of the day. Forrest wore one of his favorite green shirts and a linen suit he purchased in Louisiana. He looked super fly. Ignoring the weather and questions of unbearable heat and possible rain we set the chairs out along the shore of Lake Michigan. With perfect timing the weather was in our favor. After the ceremony we took a unique exit on a boat! It rained as soon as we left. The rain stopped before long and the reception followed with high spirits! It was a magical night of dinner, dancing, and fireworks. We both agree that it was by far the best day of our lives! We leave for our Honeymoon tomorrow, July 8th, and will be cruising out of the New Orleans port. Here is a link to a wedding website we created with more information.

Thank you to everyone for celebrating with us and all of the generous gifts we have received. We are using the money to help with rent as we both move into new apartments this fall. Forrest still has two years left at LSU and I (Jeni) am starting my first year at OSU (Ohio State). We know school will start soon enough so we are trying to enjoy the time we have left together. See you when we get back!


Friday, July 6, 2012

a talented painter

My friend Alison Meyer is an amazingly talented self-taught painter. She is also a professional golfer and plays in tournaments all over the United States. She recently put together an artist website, you should check it out!

Monday, July 2, 2012


Glassblowing at Oxbow

Earlier this summer I took a class at Oxbow in Saugatuck, MI. Oxbow is connected to the Art Institute of Chicago and offers summer classes for credit and non-credit. I am pretty sure I was the only one who's parents dropped them off below is photograph of my mom and I in front of my cabin. I can hardly call it a cabin it was more like a nice condo. 

I was fortunate to receive the Grellner Scholarship to attend a one week class at Oxbow. With a busy summer ahead I chose take Beginning Glassblowing in early June before the wedding. I have always been interested in glass. Having collected since childhood on my walks along the beach. I always wondered how I could connect glass to my ceramic work. The week of glassblowing was frustrating, overwhelming, and so hott! But I learned so much form the experience. Working with hot glass forced me to think of my objects in different ways. As a ceramic artist I consider my hands the best tool in the box. Glass forced me to reconsider how I would form a vessel using tools that I found uncomfortable and hard to use. At the end of the week and a splash off color I really was enjoying myself. Glassblowing is a team art form meaning I spent the week working with a partner. My partner Shanda is an undergraduate art major currently attending Calvin College and a very nice girl, I so enjoyed working with! And although I don't see glassblowing in my near future I am still very interested in glass and I think glass casting might be my next class! Below are a few pictures Forrest took when he came to visit the last night of classes! Enjoy