Friday, November 30, 2012

30 days project: day 26

day 26: the walk

Today, I did something that needed to be done. I dread the bus, actually I hate the bus. I don't like hating and I sure don't hate much but the bus has been a source of some serious anxiety for me. And for the first time in this project I used something that made me unhappy as a gateway to making my piece. I have been thinking about the time, the distance, and the people with whom I cross when I go to work. I decided to walk to work and record each step as well as the time. I also made note of the different people and what they were doing. I saw two people talking to themselves. I saw many people walking but more then I had expected were running. I did not see many on bikes and most of the people I saw were in cars. One man said hi to me and another asked me to take his photograph. I only had to stop at three intersections and I walked at a rather fast speed beating the projected arrival time of 1 hour and 4 minutes by 12 minutes. I left Hopkins hall at 11:50 AM and arrived at UAS at 12:42 walking for a total of 52 minutes. It might also be interesting that I left UAS at 6:20 I only wanted for the bus for 12 minutes a record really that arrived at 6:32 and I exited the bus at 7:00 and arrived at my residence at 7:04. The trip home taking a total of 42 minutes.

This trip on foot was so important for me as a person. It gave me some kind of peace over each place that my foot rested on. I had a comfort in my location once I arrived that I had never had before. Thank goodness for a beautiful November day and a good friend who carried my backpack to work for me! Thank you Gun Young!
The plan.
A few video stills.
The video is available on vimeo.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

30 days project: day 25

day 25: restricted movement

Today I am trying to finish up my artist statement. I feel constricted and forced to sit at a computer all day when I would rather be moving. So here it is and I am not moving.
Thankfully, Noah my little brother came to save me. And movement comes easy for a five year old. 
Thank you Noah.
Artist Statement
The body is in motion jumping, moving, flipping and transforming from one space to the next. It is my body, your body, and the bodies of the world that come together in motion. I see making in movement and I see beyond the making to a function within the world. When I make functional vessels for example, I envision them in the hand of the user. I consider the comfort and ease in which these vessels are used. My recent work has been an exploration of movement, balance, space, and human interaction. Similar to my vessels this recent exploration makes clear the importance of the connection to people within my work. This connection to the body is important as it can move, react, hold, and touch.

I am interested in how the body moves and reacts creating lines, shapes and patterns that form my constructed reality. Primarily my work is started on the wheel and is altered using hand-building techniques such as cutting, reassembling, and applied decoration. I want my forms to visually push, jump, and maneuver from one space to the next. I consider the surface of these forms to accentuate movement and energy. I am exploring line as a record of movement. My work draws from recollections of flipping, twisting, jumping, and propelling through space. I translate these ideas into functional vessels focusing on form, surface, pattern and color. My interest in the vessel lies in its ability to contain and as the body does and the easy to which it can connect physically to the user.

To complete my work it must be experienced, touched, or used. I believe that touch is the most intimate of experiences. Touch means that I am connecting myself directly to others, even if the connection is not physical. The moment one of my cups reaches its user’s lips I have made a connection with that person because that cup was my creation.

What brings people together? As an artist, one of my goals is to bring people together, creating shared experiences. These experiences can vary from using my handmade vessels to organizing a group of people to put their feet in slip and experience the connection to the material, the ground, and the other bodies within the space. The interaction is what brings the work to its full fruition. I want my art to make you move, bring you joy, and connect you with others.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

30 days project: day 24

day 24: movement and the wall

After what felt like a failure with one of my first projects this semester I decided something needed to change and I began this 30 days of art. When I arrived to graduate school I had so many ideas floating around in my head but where to start? What was really the most important? I decided to focus my  interest in what the wall had to offer me as a canvas of sorts. I created these pieces while I learned new techniques on the CNC and in mold making. But after it was all over there was something missing something that had been missing from the very beginning. I will admit it was a time of transition and I had to start somewhere but when I looked at my finished project I could not help but feel disappointed. Not in my lack of effort or even in the beauty of the piece but that it was not speaking to me in the way I had envisioned. So here it is day 24 and I am trying it again. Bringing the wall back.
Today I went on a field trip with my class to the Orton Hall the oldest building on campus. Orton Hall has a deep ceramics history and today it houses the geology museum.
Lots of minerals and rocks, the original ceramics building behind Orton Hall and our wonderful guide Dale! 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

30 days project: day 23

day 23: have HOPE in a hula hoop

Today, Tuesday every Tuesday is the busiest day of my week. Tuesday's get me all stressed out and when I started this project twenty three days ago, Tuesdays were my worst enemy and I guess they still are. I only have a few hours in the morning to complete my project. And when things don't work out because usually they won't I become quite a mess. Today, in the midst of cleaning up the CNC with all the pieces that I had spent hours cutting and had no time to put together. My professor Rebecca walked in and asked what I was going to do with the pieces. Well I have a plan but I have no time and I expressed my frustration. She told me to make a video, to set a time frame, to make something at work. I had all the excuses in the world. But something clicked and I learned a valuable lesson today. No matter how stressed you are the ideas are still there in your head they have not gone anywhere just take a moment to listen to them. Some people say stress makes a person more creative well I think that is crazy. I am always creative and Tuesday stress does not make creating an easy thing for me. But I worked through it and well here it is! Thank you to everyone who encouraged me today, I guess we all need a little boost sometimes.
I hula hooped for approximately eight minutes. I would have gone longer but the camera ran out of space. What is interesting about the hula hoop is that you do the same movement over and over and over again. But then something happens and you have to change your movement to compensate for the alteration. I love hula hooping I plan on getting one of my own soon. Maybe I will even get two and see if I can get others to hula hoop with me.
This is what I was busy with this morning on the CNC, more to come tomorrow!
Tonight was also my last night of my first year seminar class with Ann Hamilton and Michael MercilI am sad it is all coming to a close so soon.

Monday, November 26, 2012

30 days project: day 22

day 22: cartwheeling

Today I went outside, it is a nice day I was comfortable in a sweatshirt. I stood outside for eight minutes and asked the people passing by to do cartwheels with me. I had a total of four participants but others stopped and considered my offer. I found males are much less likely to participate. On two occasions when a group approached that included both male and females the females would participate while the males stood back. I also taught someone how to do a cartwheel today!
You can also view my videos on Vimeo.
I feel somewhat refreshed that today was absolutely not about the product it was about the act and the interaction. The only people who will understand the full extent of this piece were those that were there and participated or even those who watched from the side.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

30 days project: day 21

day 21: slip and touch

My initial idea for today was to cover myself in slip. To let my body move and feel the substance on me. After I though about it and realized I would have no way to get home and no cloths to change into. I began to think about how I could get others to expereince this feeling with me and with some restriction. So I set out to find some volunteers to put there feet in slip. My instructions were as follows: barefoot place your feet in the container of slip and move in whatever way you feel comfortable. After it was all over I had myself some cleaning to do!
The End.
Thank you Thank you to everyone who participated!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

30 days project: day 20

day 20: weightless

I have been thinking for this past semester about the moment of weightlessness. It is those moments that I long for. When I was young those moments were easy to get to but now I find it a challenge. Here is my exploration. After you view my exploration think about when you have felt weightless?

I would like you to participate in this blog post by submitting a comment or picture of your body in weightlessness. You can respond directly on the blog or email me at

young and weightless.
Thank you Bob Biddlestone for sharing your weightless photo.
As I was working on some readings for my seminar class I came across the article Teaching and Learning as Art Forms: Fluxus Experience by Hannah Higgins. It referenced Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences. I have been thinking about this theory recently and its connection to my work with the body and movement. When learning about this theory for the first time in undergraduate school I remember the clarity of mind in knowing that I was a kinesthetic learner. The chapter stated that "through bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, we solve problems using our body." I believe this is what I am doing in my studio practice.

I also stumbled across this today and I couldn't help but share.
What if money didn't matter?

Friday, November 23, 2012

30 days project: day 19

day 19: repetition and pattern

A few days ago I started working on some patterns that were able to come full circle into my artwork today. Very much thanks to Lindsay who is helping me get around this place and learn so many new and exciting things!
We made copies of our transparencies and then cut the blue thermofax screens to fit our paper. You simply slide it through the machine and you have a screen, amazing really. When you separate the screen from the paper it seems to curl up so I plan to add some tape around the edges to keep it flat.
more glaze tests came out of the kiln today!
I had to mix some CMC into my slip to make it thick enough to push through the screen.
I layered a few colors and patterns onto the piece.