Sunday, November 11, 2012

30 days project: day 7

day 7: white on white dots

Today I realized that I could not make anything that compared to yesterdays adventure in making. I am not giving up but I was a little overwhelmed wondering how, what, and with what would I make anything comparable. I started thinking about dots: dots on the pots that I pulled out of the soda kiln and the dots that cover the house and street in the Heidelberg Project. How can dots show movement? And why? I began to wonder if dots in themselves void of color could show the same movement that I saw in the street painting. So today I used white on white dots to show movement.
DOTS: Heidelberg Project.
Today we unloaded the soda kiln and it was beautiful inside! I am going to fire another soda kiln later this week with my friend Lindsay.
My work from the soda kiln, I love it!
My work from the "line of best fit" show

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