Saturday, November 24, 2012

30 days project: day 20

day 20: weightless

I have been thinking for this past semester about the moment of weightlessness. It is those moments that I long for. When I was young those moments were easy to get to but now I find it a challenge. Here is my exploration. After you view my exploration think about when you have felt weightless?

I would like you to participate in this blog post by submitting a comment or picture of your body in weightlessness. You can respond directly on the blog or email me at

young and weightless.
Thank you Bob Biddlestone for sharing your weightless photo.
As I was working on some readings for my seminar class I came across the article Teaching and Learning as Art Forms: Fluxus Experience by Hannah Higgins. It referenced Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences. I have been thinking about this theory recently and its connection to my work with the body and movement. When learning about this theory for the first time in undergraduate school I remember the clarity of mind in knowing that I was a kinesthetic learner. The chapter stated that "through bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, we solve problems using our body." I believe this is what I am doing in my studio practice.

I also stumbled across this today and I couldn't help but share.
What if money didn't matter?

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