Saturday, November 10, 2012

30 days project: day 6

day 6: letting go of product

Todays idea came yesterday evening as was considering what I could make for today with a day trip planned to Detroit. I had been thinking about doing a project with stencils and layering shapes as a way to lose a little control over the product. And I did it, tagged it, and I let it all go. Or maybe I mean happen, I let it happen. With my adrenaline rushing I was forced to lose all consideration for my actions and placement of the stencils. I let them be free to moving, I created work that I would NEVER have created otherwise, how freeing.
While in Detroit I was able to see my little sister Collette all day! We made a trip to the DIAThe Heidelberg Project, Belle Isle where we were able to visit the marble fountain, the conservatory, and the aquarium. We had a yummy dinner at Seva a great vegetarian restaurant and went to an art opening at Studio Couture
The Heidelberg Project.
Belle Isle Fountain.
Belle Isle conservatory.
Belle Isle aquarium.

Studio Couture

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