Sunday, November 4, 2012

graduate school

I started graduate school at The Ohio State University this fall. Honestly, it was a rough start leaving Forrest and adjusting to a whole new big university. As I reflect back on the short time I have spent here I have learned so much and met some great people! I am learning so much about mold-making and the CNC machine from Steve Thurston and really enjoying my first year seminar with Ann Hamilton and Michael Mercil.
My sister Raquel came for a visit and we were able to go to Pittsburg for the day (fun pictures below!) She also helped me alot in the studio and I am very thankful- I hope she comes again soon! I enjoyed or tried to enjoy my first football game. It was fun but so cold and rainy I ended up leaving at half time. I was able to take a weekend off and visit Athens to watch Noah so his parents could enjoy there 10th wedding anniversary! We had so much fun: we made skulls for Halloween, dressed up as cat ninjas, ate some Avalanche Pizza, drew more pictures then you can imagine, and made a care package for Forrest! This past weekend I headed back to Athens for a wood firing with both Ohio State and Ohio University. My friend Lindsay Scypta a second year graduate student here at OSU joined me for the weekend adventure, we had a great time, learned so much from Brad Schwieger, and a big thank you to Jon Fitz for organizing. This past weekend my friend Kella came down for a visit from Michigan, we had a wonderful time around town and on Sunday went to see the Olympic Gymnastics team at the Kellogg's Tour of Champions, so AWESOME!
Working on the CNC Machine
My new Studio! Space and even a window for my plants.
In Pittsburg at the Mattress Factory with Raquel!
In Pittsburg at the Carnegie Museum with Raquel!
My first Ohio State Football game... it was cold and rainy.
and some ART!
I spent a weekend in Athens watching my little brother Noah, while his parents were off celebrating there 10th Wedding Anniversary!! 
Noah's Self Portrait. We made at least 100 drawings over the weekend and most of them were sent to Forrest in a care package!
My first wood firing with Lindsay at Ohio University in Athens!
So proud of this kiln!!
And last but not least I am showing in Charlie Cummings cup show for the first time this year!
  Cup: The Intimate Object VIII available at 
Check out all the wonderful cups and buy one of mine!!!! 

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