Wednesday, November 7, 2012

30 days project: day 3

movement through clay

If you are having trouble viewing my videos on the blog you can access them through my Vimeo.

The idea for todays project came from Jeff Haase faculty in the Design Department here at OSU. He came in for a studio visit a few weeks ago and we talked about taking my focus away from the product and redirecting it to the process. In part that is how the idea for the whole 30 days project came about. Rather then focus 30 days on one project that may or may not work, why not make 30! Explore ideas and process through the 30 days and over Christmas break I plan to reflect and redirect.

Today, I got my pieces back from the wood kiln! Scary and exciting all at the same time. I guess I should not have glazed the bottoms but I learned for next time. Tomorrow Brad Schwieger is coming from Ohio University as our visiting artist. Part of his two days here will be spent firing a cone 10 soda kiln. I am looking forward to it and thankful for the opportunity to learn so many new things!!
I need to give a very BIG THANK YOU to Amanda Kline a second year photo grad who so graciously lent me her camera and tripod for this project. She also spent time teaching me about making videos I am so thankful. I do not think this project could reach its fullest potential with out her help and the use of video. Thank you, Amanda.

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