Tuesday, November 13, 2012

30 days project: day 9

day 9: learning new skills, cutting and the body

Sometimes to make art you have to learn new skills and today that is what I did. I had a chance to work with the laser cutter for the first time. I had hoped to make a stamp with my name for my ceramic pieces but it is a little more complicated then I had imagined so maybe later this week.
In mold making I started a project that I will complete in the next week. With the help of my professor Steven Thurston and my classmates Natalia and Jacci I made a mold of my right foot. We used Body Double- fast set from Smooth On. After it set up they laid plaster bandages over the Body Double to create a rigid outer shell for better casting.
My plan is to finish this piece using a similar technique to Saturdays adventure using stencils. If I cut and spray stencils and place this pieces over top it leaves the open area to chance. 
The laser Cutter.
The finished mold!

While working at Urban Arts Space this afternoon I took a stroll around the gallery to see all of the new work from the recent show Inosculation installed. Here are a few shots from the gallery.
Steven Thurston and Rebecca Harvey my ceramics professors!
Steven Thurston and Rebecca Harvey, detail.
Candace Black and Carmel Buckley, some of my other favorites.
Photo credits Ada Matusiewicz.

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