Friday, November 30, 2012

30 days project: day 26

day 26: the walk

Today, I did something that needed to be done. I dread the bus, actually I hate the bus. I don't like hating and I sure don't hate much but the bus has been a source of some serious anxiety for me. And for the first time in this project I used something that made me unhappy as a gateway to making my piece. I have been thinking about the time, the distance, and the people with whom I cross when I go to work. I decided to walk to work and record each step as well as the time. I also made note of the different people and what they were doing. I saw two people talking to themselves. I saw many people walking but more then I had expected were running. I did not see many on bikes and most of the people I saw were in cars. One man said hi to me and another asked me to take his photograph. I only had to stop at three intersections and I walked at a rather fast speed beating the projected arrival time of 1 hour and 4 minutes by 12 minutes. I left Hopkins hall at 11:50 AM and arrived at UAS at 12:42 walking for a total of 52 minutes. It might also be interesting that I left UAS at 6:20 I only wanted for the bus for 12 minutes a record really that arrived at 6:32 and I exited the bus at 7:00 and arrived at my residence at 7:04. The trip home taking a total of 42 minutes.

This trip on foot was so important for me as a person. It gave me some kind of peace over each place that my foot rested on. I had a comfort in my location once I arrived that I had never had before. Thank goodness for a beautiful November day and a good friend who carried my backpack to work for me! Thank you Gun Young!
The plan.
A few video stills.
The video is available on vimeo.

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