Thursday, November 29, 2012

30 days project: day 25

day 25: restricted movement

Today I am trying to finish up my artist statement. I feel constricted and forced to sit at a computer all day when I would rather be moving. So here it is and I am not moving.
Thankfully, Noah my little brother came to save me. And movement comes easy for a five year old. 
Thank you Noah.
Artist Statement
The body is in motion jumping, moving, flipping and transforming from one space to the next. It is my body, your body, and the bodies of the world that come together in motion. I see making in movement and I see beyond the making to a function within the world. When I make functional vessels for example, I envision them in the hand of the user. I consider the comfort and ease in which these vessels are used. My recent work has been an exploration of movement, balance, space, and human interaction. Similar to my vessels this recent exploration makes clear the importance of the connection to people within my work. This connection to the body is important as it can move, react, hold, and touch.

I am interested in how the body moves and reacts creating lines, shapes and patterns that form my constructed reality. Primarily my work is started on the wheel and is altered using hand-building techniques such as cutting, reassembling, and applied decoration. I want my forms to visually push, jump, and maneuver from one space to the next. I consider the surface of these forms to accentuate movement and energy. I am exploring line as a record of movement. My work draws from recollections of flipping, twisting, jumping, and propelling through space. I translate these ideas into functional vessels focusing on form, surface, pattern and color. My interest in the vessel lies in its ability to contain and as the body does and the easy to which it can connect physically to the user.

To complete my work it must be experienced, touched, or used. I believe that touch is the most intimate of experiences. Touch means that I am connecting myself directly to others, even if the connection is not physical. The moment one of my cups reaches its user’s lips I have made a connection with that person because that cup was my creation.

What brings people together? As an artist, one of my goals is to bring people together, creating shared experiences. These experiences can vary from using my handmade vessels to organizing a group of people to put their feet in slip and experience the connection to the material, the ground, and the other bodies within the space. The interaction is what brings the work to its full fruition. I want my art to make you move, bring you joy, and connect you with others.

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