Monday, May 6, 2013

a little behind/

I know I am a little behind on posting... Life was moving faster then I was able to keep up. After completing my first year of graduate school (I guess it is technically my second first year) I am ready for a break. I am excited to head down south for part of the summer. I leave for Baton Rouge, LA to see Forrest at the end of the week with a stop in Atlanta, Georgia to see my friend Kaylie!

This semester was filled with so much excitement, that was at times overshadowed with sickness, stress, and an abundance of school work. Maybe it is my personality but I never feel as though I have done enough, worked hard enough, dug deep enough. At the same time as I reflect back on this year I can hardly believe I was able to accomplish everything that I did. I hope to keep this in mind during my next two years but it is hard to see the big picture when you are so absorbed in the moment.

So here it is....

I taught my first ceramics course this semester. It was a dream come true in every way. I had the most amazing, talented, and hard working students any instructor could ask for. I enjoyed getting to know my students and helping then to grow in both skill and appreciation of ceramics. And I learned a few things.. things I will do again... and things I will never do again...
 Kelley Eggert came in from Houston for our spring visiting artist. I had a great studio visit with her and she did a cold working demo. Something I am not familiar with at all so I found it very informative! 
My friend Lindsay Scypta had her MFA thesis show, it was impressive!
 I traveled to Houston Texas for the 2013 NCECA Conference. 
We stayed with our friends Alisha & Bobby in Houston and Katrina came to visit from Austin.
UF reunion.
 I may have fallen in love with Aventurine glazes, now if I could just make one.... Apparently large amounts of Iron can cause this glitter affect but I have yet to create something as beautiful as this.
We even made it to the Rothko Chapel!
 I took a Material Science course this semester and we visited Logan Clay where they make pipes of all shapes and sizes as well as a clay dig at Haydenville Cemetery. 
Logan Clay was started in 1876 in Logan, Ohio and is still producing pipes today.
 It all starts with shale and some fire clay.
A long, long, long car kiln.
Haydenville Cemetery for the clay dig.
 They say the tunnel is haunted.
The continued clay dig attempt..

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