Monday, December 1, 2014

what does it take to make a thesis?

I have been working toward my thesis for 2.5 years. When I arrived here I had no idea what my thesis project would be or how it would come about. I was naive, young, and open to the possibilities of graduate school. I thought way to hard and I worked even harder. Now the question is where does that leave me?

Some might say I made too much work while others not enough. But it was in the process of making that led me here—to this moment before I begin my thesis work. It was each project building on the next, and each decision that brought me to the next collaboration, process, or project.

So here I am stuck in a drift that is taking me strait to my thesis. This drift isn't what I had imagined but it is in a sense why I am here. So that I can receive feedback and criticism, and take the leap into a career when I leave here. 

What is a drift you might ask? A drift, as I know it, is a huge pile of snow.  Drifts often formed in my driveway during my childhood. My parents lived on Lake Michigan and the lake effect results in enormous amounts of snow. The wind coming off the lake was intense and there were often snow drifts that were well above the height of my car that would take hours to dig out. I am thinking of this current moment in time as a drift because I feel a bit stuck in a drift so large is feels almost unmoveable but I know if I keep shoveling I will get through it.

To sum things up I had a magnificent thesis project one that I felt had (almost) every component that I felt was important from my years of study. Realizing now that it is largely my own fault but also things outside of my control that both wouldn't let it be and I moved forward to consider a new project that I would not have designed by my own.

Moving forward my thesis project is ________ (currently untitled- but I assure you it is coming soon). My thesis exhibition will take place at the OSU Urban Arts Space in the Lazarus building downtown Columbus Ohio. The project is aimed at bringing together a group of people that share the physical space within the Lazarus building. The Lazarus building is an old department store that was converted into work space and leased out to businesses. The walls create a barrier that prevents the many employees who enter the building each day from ever encountering each other. This project is a meal share that is designed to help those participating and those who view it to reconsider the space that is shared.

I am arranging for one participant to act as a liaison from each of the 14 different entities that rent space within the Lazarus building. These 14 people will come together to share a meal at the table within the gallery space. The meal and the dishes will be reflective of the building, the people, and a blend of personal food choices. 

Check back soon for a Thesis Update ^^^^^^^^

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