Wednesday, April 18, 2012

its 'official'

It is finally official after months of waiting, I will be attending Ohio State University in the fall pursuing my MFA in Ceramics. It has been my dream to pursue my love for ceramics since childhood but I knew with certainty after I took my first college ceramics course at Hope College under the instruction of Shoji Satake. (now professor at West Virginia University) I consider myself both an artist and an educator and my goal is to someday become a college ceramics professor. I am looking forward to the challenges and rewards of graduate school. And not so happy about the distance that will still lie between Forrest and I but we both believe this is the right decision. It will leave us 16 hours apart and will not allow for weekend visits that we were so fortunate to have this year. I suppose it will teach us even more to cherish the time we do have together. -Jeni

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