Saturday, June 8, 2013

Forrest's Pledge to a Bloggin Summer

Hi Y'all, Forrest Gard here. After two years of living in Louisiana I have earned the right to say, y'all. Now that summer has arrived, I am attempting to catch a breath of fresh air. This past semester at LSU was a very busy but successful one, here are some of the highlights…

I taught my first class as an instructor of record and LOVED IT! I also made a new body of work titled "Make it, Take it" and received the incredible news that my graduate review committee has passed me onto thesis! This means that I can officially form my thesis committee and submit a thesis proposal in the fall! And there is more...I took a paper making class that allowed me the freedom to experiment with paper pulp casting! NCECA was in Houston this year and was an easy drive, I took some photos of my favorites pieces. We also had some excellent MFA exhibitions at LSU this spring and we had Jason Burnett as our visiting artist! Lots of exciting future posts so stay tuned!

I have found blogging and going to graduate school to be quite a juggle and thankfully Jeni has been able to manage posting info relating to her studio. Although I have not been posting entries that much, I have been taking an excessive amount of photographs. So now that summer has arrived I am making a pledge to catch up on my part of our blog and share all of the excitement that has been happening in my studio at LSU. Consider this blog a mini preview of what is to come….and now some pictures….
Tworkin in the studio's natural light. 

Everybo[d]ys dream. 

Some handmade fancy prizes for some future winners.

Cast paper pulp sculpture

Cast paper pulp sculpture

Jason Burnett…peeling away to reveal his magic!

Some of Burnett's workshop demos

One of my students! This is her first semester working with clay…from wedging to this wheel-thrown and assembled beauty! And some other stuff in-between. 

Another one of my students. Shrimp and Grits. God Bless southern food, its good for the soul!

Mr. Andy Shaw playing one of my games (hopefully having fun).

The breaks are exciting…but are not rewarded. Sorry Tanner you have to Make it to Take it (a trophy) 
Omar will always be referred to as , Champ. He first won basketball and then gambled his small trophy by playing skee ball which he won twice and earned a top shelf big trophy! The expressive shows it all, this was an incredible moment. 
I hope you enjoyed these preview pictures. My upcoming blog posts will feature in-depth explanations, works in progress, and more detailed pictures on everything that was previewed in this post, trust me this is just a tiny tiny glimpse of what is to come. Until next time….
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