Thursday, June 5, 2014

Day 16, 17, 18, & 19 Welcome to Texas!

Tumbling through Texas..
Getting tired behind the wheel we decided to stop and sleep. We found it impossible to sleep in the car because it was hot and with the windows down the bugs were vicious. We found a camp site outside Wichita Falls and woke up surrounded by prairie dogs and a rattle snake, crazy! 

We made it to Dallas the following morning to visit with Monica and Michael. Monica and I are good friends, we met as classmates at the University of Florida. I have not seen her in two years so you can only imagine my excitement in visiting with her! We spent the morning catching up and getting to know Caffrey the new cat who I now love! We spent our afternoon at a half priced books sale stocking up on books we didn't need, but of course really wanted. We made our classic quinoa salad at home in the evening. The following day we had lunch at Southpaw's Organic Cafe followed by a trip to tu-lu's gluten free bakery, yum! 
In the evening we made it into Austin to visit with Katrina one of my long time high school friends she brought us to Elizabeth Street Cafe for an incredible dinner and dinning experience followed by wine and a great view of the skyeline at Uncorked
The following day we stayed busy eating our way through Austin. Forrest and Katrina started with Gourdough's one of the popular food trucks. We quickly moved on to Torchies Tacos a Austin staple food. She brought us to Mozart's Coffee Roaster for a view of the lake and off we went to Hope Outdoor Gallery and graffiti park. We climbed up and down inspecting the park from all different directions. The quick stop is a must do. We visited an assortment of shops including the very first Whole Foods Market which was by far the largest we have been to. My friend Hope met us for dinner and since we couldn't miss having barbaque in Texas we drove out into the country for some of the good stuff at Salt Lick!
We ended the evening at Amy's Ice Cream where Forrest got to play a game. We mentioned it was our first time and the gentlemen offered to throw ice cream across the street and if Forrest could catch it he could have it for free. Across two lanes of traffic he finally caught it on the third try but at that point the ice cream was no longer edible. We went back in and ordered a small Mexican Vanilla to share.
The following day we were on the road again headed back to Baton Rouge. We made an afternoon stop in Houston to visit my college friend Alisha and her new baby Brycen. We had a wonderful time holding the baby and we are both cured from our 'baby fever' after observing the amount of work that goes into baby land. We are so happy for Alisha and Bobby on the little addition to the family he is perfect!

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