Saturday, May 31, 2014

Day 15 Food: Our Global Kitchen

I have been patiently waiting this whole trip to see Food: Our Global Kitchen at the History of Colorado Center. The show was excellent and we spent over three hours viewing, it was the longest my attention span has ever allowed me to focus! The exhibition covered where our food comes from, from farmers to laboratories. It presented current food issues including waste, hunger, obesity, and how our food choices effect what is available and produced. I particularly enjoyed the series of films within the space that brought you across cultures exploring the importance and value of food in different societies specifically in terms of celebration. Food as celebration what's better then that!

There was an interactive table similar to a large touch screen tablet that allowed viewers to make different recipes. I made pouched eggs with hollandaise sauce and made tamales, I wish I could have eaten them!

There was a food kitchen as part of the exhibiton and we had a taste testing experiment. TRY IT AT HOME: Plug your nose and eat half of a jelly bean; be aware of what you are tasting then release your nose and evaluate how your perception of taste changes with the addition of your sense of smell.
I particularly enjoyed a collection of cookbooks from all over the world. As well as a wall filled with different utensils for food preparation and consumption- some I could not even imagine what they were used for! We picked up a book on the way out, Consider the Fork A History of HOW WE COOK and EAT, by Bee Wilson. The book addresses the tools we use and have used to eat and how they transformed what we consume and how we think about food. We are both looking forward to a good read!
I believe the exhibiton is traveling and if it makes it to your area; I highly recommend it!

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