Friday, May 23, 2014

Day 6: Boulder, CO

Today was for Jeni's personal research- early in the morning we woke up and went to Cure Organic Farm. On Thursday's the farm allows volunteers to come in and work from nine to noon. We learned how to cut and plant potatoes, stake up tomato plants, and we weeded a raised bed of rhubarb. We got to see all the workings of the farm from the inside out. We had visited them at the farmers market the evening before and now we had the experience of working on the farm.
We learned how to plant potatoes from start to finish! First you cut them into pieces making sure each section has an eye growing. Then we brought them out into the field for planting. Working in teams one person drops the potato another gently pushes it in the ground. Later farm equipment will fully cover them.
After volunteering on the farm. We drove into Boulder and ate lunch at the largest Whole Foods we have ever been too. Following lunch we went to the University of Colorado to visit the CU Art Museum and to see their ceramics department. Unfortunately, every room was locked up tight and the we were only able to see the kiln room.
We did happen to see a print show in the art building and I recognized a lot the MFA printmakers from LSU and realized that this was the traveling exhibition that was conceived and curated by my fellow LSU graduate students. This was one of my favorite prints by Eric Euler. 
I'm just a little jealous this is the view from outside CU's art building. 
 Jeni having some fun with a handstand.
After campus we drove to the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. The museum did have a few pieces that claimed to be interactive. This piece allowed visitors to watch a series of statistics or to press a button at the bottom to scroll through the list of topics.
Some of our favorite pieces from the museum.
Before going home we stopped by the Boulder Potter's Guild. Luckily for this visit two members were in the studio and more than willing to give us a tour. It was a nice community studio in a big open building. The facilitities were nice and fully equipped. My favorite aspect to the Potter's Guild was their expansive ceramic library with books and magazines on all subjects and area related to ceramics.

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