Saturday, May 24, 2014

Day 7 & 8: The Flatirons Hike near Boulder, The Denver Rescue Mission,Garden of the Gods, Great Sand Dunes National Park, and New Mexico

Day 7 We took a little time off to visit with friends and hit the hills for a good hike. We met up with Elisa, Forrest's friend from way back all the way to elementary school. We went to the Flatirons just outside Boulder for an early afternoon hike. We finished the day with a fantastic dinner at Zeal and a trip to Rebecca's Apothocary (it had herbal everything- an amazing store- stop in if you ever have the chance) located downtown Boulder and of course some yoga. 
Day 8 brought us bright and early to the Denver Rescue Mission at 5:00 AM for our volunteer shift. We arrived so early the streets were filled with a deep darkness. People lined the streets on the blocks surrounding the mission. When we finally found parking we were a little apprehensive to leave the car as we had never been to the mission or even seen it in the day light. I am so glad we were brave enought to step outside and search for the entrance. We worked the breakfast shift so we prepped all the cold food items with a group of volunteers and a kind gentleman Benjamin who is in the missions program. I prepared the cream cheese cutting the larger blocks into smaller pieces, others prepared apple sauce, doughnuts, water and coffee. There were supposed to have bagels hence why I cut the cream cheese but I guess there were bugs on them and since everything is based on donations they had to use doughnuts instead. That means a lot of cream cheese was wasted. Around 6:00 breakfast was served and we all found a spot behind the line I served the French toast with diluted maple syrup and Forrest past the trays out. There was a continual line for the next hour men and women but mostly men. The mission organization has outreach beyond the Lawrence street building they have two other locations outside town one is actually a farm. Leaving I couldn't help but think about the trash can filled with glass and aluminum cans from all the individual applesauces that got poured into the large pan. I wanted to take it with me and find the nearest recycling but Forrest talked me out of it...
After the mission we got right on the road heading south to New Mexico. We stopped at Garden of the Gods which is FREE and has a great view of Pikes Peak that my dad climbed a few years back! After a short hike we were back in the car and we decided to stop off at the Great Sand Dunes National Park, unfortunately a storm rolled in hiding the mountain range behind them. After the park we were back on the road and soon crossed over the stateline into New Mexico. It is my first time here and so far I love it, when can I move? We had pizza for dinner in Toas and finished our drive in the dark to Santa Fe. We are couch surfing with Tyler at Camp Glorieta just outside the city and it is beautiful!! That's all for now, enjoy the photos below.
In Garden of the Gods with Pikes Peak
Garden of the Gods
Sand Dunes National Park

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