Wednesday, February 22, 2012

a Ceramic 4-Wheeler AND the ROAD it takes to get there

I have rested and recovered from "Stress Ball" and now it is time to move on. I am going at my studio practice with the "pedal to the metal" as my first year of Graduate School at LSU continues on. This toy
(which is meant for 1-3 year olds) has been catching my eye at the store for a while now.
I bought it for $35.00 and am going to cast molds of the parts and then recreate this out of ceramics and add a little "Forrest" to it. I am focused on making this object now and the ideas for the final piece are still developing. I am of course open to suggestions. Please take time and look not only at the object but around my nice CLEAN studio. You will notice lots of things throughout this blog post.

Everything is all apart! Now its time to make my molds.
Almost time to pour plaster!

Besides lots of clean up the "big mold" is poured! Each side of this mold has 50 lbs of dry plaster so the total mold is very heavy. I am exhausted, and yes Jeni did give me a hair cut. Stay posted there will be more pictures coming soon (as the work happens). Due to the weight of the mold I will be building a jig to help flip this mold during the slip-casting process (special thanks to my friend Bob Biddlestone for the jig design) There will be more pictures of the other molds for this piece, the jig, as well as the slip-casting process and making/assembling/firing and glazing of this 4-wheeler so stay posted. Thanks for visiting, see you next time!

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