Friday, February 24, 2012

UF Student Juried Exhibition

Today was a whirlwind of activity. Class all day, HOT Clay meeting, and then I sold the table we used for the exhibition Crave last semester! This is good news and will provide us with a little more gas money to make it through the summer. Tonight was the opening for the University of Florida College of Fina Arts Student Juried Exhibition. I came a little early and rested for a moment on a bench outside the exhibition before it opened. I took that time to really be thankful for all that Florida has to offer and then it rained but it wasn’t so bad! The exhibition was splendid and packed with wonderful artwork. I was a little disappointed that I had taken the time to make a shelve for the plates that were chosen for the show and they placed my work on a pedestal. The walls were full so I wasn’t about to complain just happy that my work was chosen!

Work by a few friends Cari Zylstra Luciano, Andrea Ziemnicki, Cheyenne Rudolph, Dandee Pattee.

Gymnastics Plates, 2011

My work titled ‘Gymnastics Plates’ could be found in the back right corner of the gallery. These along with all of my most recent artwork draws from my experience with gymnastics and cheerleading. My love for movement and energy of the human body. If there is something I love more then CATS it is going to be one of those two. I had a conflict of interested tonight, the #1 ranked Gator gymnastics team was competing against the #3 Georgia Bulldogs. I wasn’t about to miss either of these events so I went to the Juried show early and ran over the gymnastics meet I only missed the vault and walked in with the Gators on Bars. They hit a sold meet and I had a rather enjoyable night.

I live for these gymnastics meets. My friends will all tell you I wouldn’t miss one for the world. These meets are one of the only things I am willing to do that takes me away from the studio or homework. I am a very dedicated student and it normally takes some prying to get me to step away from my studies but if it’s a gymnastics meet I will be there before you even ask!

So why do I love gymnastics? I really have no idea but I do know that I have always much preferred to be upside down. You might find me in a handstand or doing cartwheels as a walk down the sidewalk.

I remember this video from undergrad on mirror neurons and how our brains neurons connect real experiences of doing with experiences of seeing others doing and how both can fire the same neurons. Maybe this is why I love gymnastics so much?

Its 14 minutes but its worth watching- play if you wish.

Marissa King just for you Forrest!

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  1. Haha, I enjoyed the post and the Marissa King picture, Jeni.