Thursday, February 2, 2012

pattern making

Today I had a meeting with Zach Castedo-Rodgers a recent MFA graduate from the University of Florida where he is currently teaching as adjunct faculty. My ceramics professor Anna Calluori Holcombe had recommended that I meet with Zach to help guide me in pattern making. Zach has exceptional skill in Illustrator and had great patience leading me through the program. He also recommended I explore which provides software training.

My current art practice involves designing personal patterns that are screen printed with underglaze. I then transfer portions of the pattern onto the leather-hard surface of my work. When I first began ceramics I don't remember having much concern for the surface, I was absorbed in creating forms. As artists and educators, I am asking you to think before you glaze and think before you bisque. The ceramic surface is rich with possibility if only you open yourself and your students to exploring it. Thank you Zach for opening me to a new world of pattern making!

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