Tuesday, February 19, 2013

a friendly update

Hello Everyone,
 Welcome to February! I have include a few photos from the reception for the first year graduate show here at OSU, an exhibition I had through the Society of Composers National Convention, the new Slacklining club I joined, and a tour of Mayco Colors.       
My piece included a video and hanging tags. The video was a filmed performance of my feet and the tags asked the viewers to interact by claiming a tag and performing the directed task. I brought my ceramics class to the exhibition and I think they had more fun then they were expecting! Ann Hamilton one of my professors here at OSU asked if a fellow graduate student and I would be interested in using the space avaialble as part of the Society of Composers International Conference.  I decided to reinterpret the tags piece in this new space. You can see them in the photo below hanging along the railings.
OSU vs Michigan gymnastics meet with some wonderful friends for my Birthday! Thanks Lindsay and Gun Young for joining me!
OSU Slacklining club, I saw this group on campus a few weeks ago but I was in a hurry and did not have time to stop. But I could not stop thinking about it, what was it that those people were doing it looked like they were floating. I spotted them again this past week and took my shoes right off to give it a try. I promise this is harder then it looks I was barely able to take one step. But I joined the club and I plan to keep practicing. I'll keep you all updated!!
 As part of my Material Science class taught by Rebecca Harvey we went on a field trip to Mayco Colors. It was amazing to see behind the scenes glaze making!
Thank you to my wonderful classmate and Mayco employee for setting this up. Thanks, Josh!


  1. Jeni! I fully expect to see you doing backtucks on that slackline soon (you inspired me to look up some YouTube videos - they're crazy!)It looks like you are doing some pretty cool things down there in Ohio!

  2. congratulations Jeni!!! you through the Society of Composers National Convention, it's your new honor.

    The exhibiton is amazing! I saw many amazing desgin. About your piece, Everyone says that is an imaginative design. it's perfect!!

    Jeni! you will be have more wonderful life in OSU.

    Go Buckeye!!!!!