Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Reflection on the 30 Days

Wondering what this project is all about? Check out my first post for Day 1 to get the back story.

After finishing up the 30 days of carrying and using these dishes, I felt somewhat relieved yet scared to face what it meant to no longer have the dishes with me. At the beginning of the project, they provided me with a canvas for my food. I had consistency in knowing what the plate, bowl, and cup offered and how my food would fit on it. At the end of the project, as I branched out and began to explore eating out with the box the dishes created a barrier that allowed me to refuse accepting what would later turn into trash and waste.

I am happy to no longer carry the dishes but I cannot say the same about using them. The first walk back to my car without the box in hand was liberating, light, and free. As a few days have past, I have begun to feel bad for the dishes. I left them closed in the box and I can’t help but think about them. They must be lonely in there!  

Dear readers I have one question to leave you with, 
What would you eat off after spending 30 days with the same dish set??

I decided I could not miss capturing what I chose to eat off after the completion of this project, enjoy!
The Last Meal: I shared the last meal (technically the morning of day 31)
with my family at Morning Star Cafe, our favorite breakfast place.
The photo is of my dad and I his meal was served on Fiesta Ware.
Breakfast smoothie in a lovely Lindsay Scypta cup, morning routine in a
glass given to my by my great aunt Inez, & grapefruit in my favorite
Kyla Strid bowl.
Lunch bagel with coconut butter spread on a Fiesta Ware plate.
Afternoon drink break with Gun Young in our new Brittany Helms cups!
Dinner you might have guessed on my new Andy Shaw plate and a favorite Autumn Higgins cup.
I ended the night with my favorite treat Goat Cheese and Cherries
from Jeni's Ice Cream served in my Cheyenne Chapman Rudolph and
a drink in my prized Roberta Massuch cup. 

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