Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Dish Set Challenge II: Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! We had a nice slow day together. Oatmeal for breakfast following our morning routine and some yoga. A farmers market lunch with greens, roast beets, fresh strawberries, goat cheese and homemade dressing, yum. We do not have a kitchen table so we usually eat in our camp chairs but we realized very fast that we could not sit in those chairs and share a meal on the dish set. So we readjusted and decided to eat on the ground. It was the only way we could be close together. Being on the ground means easy access to the food for our cat Beast!
 We had a wonderful Christmas dinner at our friend Autumn & Diane's house with a group of people who also stayed around town. We can't even begin to tell you what we ate because there was so much food! We made stuffing, mushroom rice, and Forrest's famous garlic mashed potatoes.
Forrest has admitted since the first day that he hates the cups. No hard feelings because I feel his frustration! It is not the act of drinking that is the problem it is the process behind taking a drink. Imagine having to ask your partner if they will drink with you every time you want a drink? I am sure you can only imagine the games we have begun to play with each other.

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