Monday, December 30, 2013

The Dish Set Challenge II: The Art of Simple Food

Saturday is my favorite day of the week because it means we get to go to the farmers market. I love all the fresh food, meeting the farmers and tasting all sorts of things. We were in such a hurry running out the door we grabbed a cup of yogurt and did not even take time to put it in the bowls. The Baton Rouge farmers market was fantastic as usual with fresh greens, pecans, pecan oil, goat milk, and strawberries. Nothing could possibly make this northern girls heart as happy as eating fresh strawberries from the farmers market in late December! Other then maybe sharing them with my husband!
Lunch was simple leftover chili for Forrest and a grapefruit for me.
Forrest prepared a fantastic meal with a white sauce recipe from Alice Waters cookbook The Art of Simple Food. He added asparagus and spinach to the white sauce and served it with pasta and homemade garlic toast. We could not even finish half of the food on our plate. I guess we over estimated today but that will mean good leftovers!

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