Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Dish Set Challenge II: eating on the floor

Today was the first day that we ate a meal at separate times. I cut up the grapefruit that I wanted Forrest to eat for breakfast but he was not interested so I are both sides by myself. I love having the double bowl all to myself and having the convenience of having both sides of the grapefruit in one bowl was awesome! I made Forrest oatmeal and a stewed apple placing one in each side. He enjoying having the bowl to himself as well or maybe he just enjoyed the freedom of eating with out our bodies pressed against each other!

It was so nice outside we decided to have lunch in the courtyard. Chicken salad with celery and grapes on a bead of farmers market greens. Thank goodness for sunshine.
We had a nice dinner at home salmon with a herb butter spread from the cookbook The Art of Simple Food by Alice Waters. And one of our favorite sides roasted brussels sprouts with soft goat cheese. I mentioned yesterday that we do not have a kitchen table. We do have camp chairs and a coffee table and this usually suites our needs but not with this project. The chairs can't get close enough for us so we moved to the floor. So here was are on the ground eating this wonderful dinner.
Craving a sweet treat we stopped by Truly Free Bakery on the way back to the studio. Any time I am in town visiting we usually make at least one stop at this bakery. We usually get the cinnamon rolls but they come prepackaged and so we decided to choose from the unpackaged treats. We both decided on a chocolate covered donut, it was a good choice!

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