Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Dish Set Challenge II: eating out

Do you ever need a little love for breakfast? Well thats what we made this morning! Plus a pear for Forrest and a grapefruit for Jeni. After breakfast and some studio time we decided to spend the next few meals eating out we each chose one place to eat. I picked lunch at Magpie Cafe my favorite spot in Baton Rouge, other then maybe the NOLA snowball place but they are not open this time of year. Magpie's always has amazing fresh squeezed juices, soups, and sandwiches plus its all as local and organic as you can get!
Forrest choice was no surprise at all, Fat Cow. Its a burger place near campus that he frequents but never with his own plate! The kitchen is open and the staff really loved to plate and even commented on the cup. I do not eat burgers but thats ok because they have the best fries I have ever had so I ordered my side of the plate full of fries.
 What is a date night without dessert? We made some homemade brownies and since we are little home sick we picked up some Jeni's Ice Cream from the one grocery store in town that carries it.

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