Saturday, November 2, 2013

30 Days Project Part II: Day 2: Inniswood garden, apple pie

Wondering what this project is all about? Check out my first post for Day 1 to get the back story.

It must be fall in Ohio.
The leaves are changing colors.
Digging in the dirt.
Apple pie, yogurt, and cheese.
All in a days time.

Today was the first Saturday in four weeks that I did not have a commitment. Needless to say it has made for a busy month so today I decided to have a slow day. I went to the farmers market my usual Saturday morning activity and then decided to take a drive out to Inniswood MetroGarden. The garden had been suggested to me as they have an herb garden that includes a section of medicinal herbs. It was a pleasant morning to have a walk through the gardens. I will defiantly be back when they are in full bloom but maybe with Forrest! At the market I picked up some garlic that needed to be planted TODAY. So I headed back to the studio to tame the garden, harvest some treats, and plant the garlic.

Morning routine.
Breakfast smoothy.
Fall colors.

I found a healthy blooming Echinacea!
Garden getting a little out of control.
Garlic planting.
A little space to breath.
I have to be honest I started to get a little self conscious today about posting everything I am eating. But here it goes. I will tell you now I have a smoothie for breakfast almost everyday, not very exciting but it is very yummy. I made my cup extra big to account for shrinkage in the kiln and because with the intent to use the same cup for the whole month it needed to fit the max amount of liquid. Well now I am beginning to think that might be a little unreasonable. The cup it so big its hard to hold, I guess a smaller cup might be in order. I have plans to make a straw with Jon Capps my friend in the glass department tomorrow and maybe my wine glass will be ready.
Dinner: garden pesto pasta, with a few baby carrots,
and apple cider.
Homemade apple pie, yum.

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