Tuesday, November 26, 2013

30 Days Project Part II: Day 26: eating out

Wondering what this project is all about? Check out my first post for Day 1 to get the back story.

Today, I decided that everything that I consume would come from outside my home. So I indulged a little and went out to eat for all my meals. It made for a heavy, expensive, but fun day. A big thank you to Gun Young and Michelle who followed me around taking photos so that you would see what its like in the day of the life of Jeni and the Box.

The day started with some anxiety over where I was going to find breakfast. I decided that I did not want to go out of my way to pick something up because I did not want to waste any time over this decision. So I settled on Panara Bread because I knew it was on route with the destination. We missed a turn and ended up at Global Gallery, a little coffee shop in Clintonville that I notice each week at the farmers market but have never been to. It was a wonderful experience, friendly staff, and they even gave me a discount for brining my own cup. I ordered hot tea and muffins and it was nice that the cup fit on the plate and I was able to carry the plate, balancing the cup and the box to a table. Once I ate I felt a whole lot better about this day. Considering this is probably only the third time I have ever eaten breakfast outside of my home since moving to Columbus this was a big step!

Lunch posed a few more issues. It snowed the entire day. I know myself well enough to know that it is difficult for me to go out to eat during the day but the snow it sure does not help. So I waited in studio until I could not take it any longer probably around 3:00 (I usually eat lunch between 11-1). So two very hungry people left studio I had to bring few plants from my review back to the greenhouse so we loaded the car, stopped at the greenhouse, unloaded, stopped at Columbus Clay for some materials and finally arrived at the North Market downtown Columbus. We ordered lavender bubble tea from Bubbles and the women working was very interested in my project and asked if I sell my work! For Lunch we had pad thai from Nida’s Thai the cashier took my plate without question and when I received it back it was wrapped in plastic wrap. Even with it wrapped I had no possible way to carry the bubble tea, the plate and the box. With out help I would have had to eat there. I am now thinking about a set of dishes that when full of food and drink can still be carried with ease.  

Dinner brought on another round of stress. I teach a late evening course that runs until almost ten. When I eat at home or the studio this is not really a problem I have a snack before class and I usually eat in studio after class. I could not even imagine where to eat this late at night. I drove north to a restaurant I had wanted to visit and of course it was closed. Ended up calling Harvest Pizzeria in German Village and the kitchen closed at ten so we headed directly there and made it just in time. Ordered a salad and two amazing pizzas! The people were wonderful. We were even seated at a bench so my box could sit next to me. At the end of the evening, no one was left in the restaurant and the kitchen was finishing everything up so I asked if they would not mind washing my plate and they did! So I placed the clean plate back in the box and headed home, exhausted, and full!

Today, I met so many wonderful people that I would not have met otherwise. I had great conversations with people from all over the city. I am thankful for today because it gave me a new perspective on this project. Todays experience created new idea and possibilities for my future work.
Leaving my home with the box in hand.
Where does the box ride in the car?
Well usually the trunk but sometimes a passenger seat.

First stop: Global Gallery in Clintonville, OH
waiting in line for morning tea and muffins. 
At the beginning of this interaction there was a little hesitation, I think because the box is so big it can be a little intimidating until I open it and you can see what is inside. She kindly accepted my cup for tea and served the muffins on my plate. Gun Young had the idea to share the plate. I have been talking about making a travel set of two dishes so that I could share with the person I was having a meal with.  She decided to not waste a plate and had her muffins put on my plate, what a great idea!
Muffins sharing the plate.
Thank you Gun Young!

Second stop lunch at the north market.
Entering north market. 
It is really hard to resist bubble tea. If not impossible for me.
Eat up!

I decided on Pad Thai from Nida's Thai. 

Lunch Pad thai with veggies & the best lavender bubble
tea I have ever had.
Washing the plate posed a few problems.
I located the bathroom but after washing
all they had was a hand dryer, so I made it work. 

Dinner at Harvest Pizzeria in German Village.

Spinach and Arugula Salad with cambozola, apples,
toasted walnuts, cranberry, house buttermilk dressing.
Pizzas: Goat cheese with sopressata, basil, cherry tomato &
Fennel Sausage with Canal Junction gouda, 
smoked provolone, online, fennel pollen

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