Thursday, November 28, 2013

30 Days Project Part II: Day 27: "fast food" rejected my plate

Wondering what this project is all about? Check out my first post for Day 1 to get the back story.
Breakfast Snowville Creamery yogurt
with blackberries & morning routine.
Leftover lunch curried turnip soup with rice.
I had such a good time yesterday eating out that I decided to have dinner at what I would consider a "fast food" place. I have wanted from the beginning of the project to eat at a place that I knew would serve food on styrofoam, aluminum, or anything that would go in the trash and not breakdown. This evening I headed out to high street the main road the runs through campus. It has fast food lining the east side of the road, one after another. It was a little overwhelming, as I do not often visit this place. I settled on Chipotle, it was a little further down then I wanted to walk considering it was freezing and I was carrying a large box full of dishes. I was relieved once I made, that was until the attendant started talking to me. I explained my situation and he was what I would consider aggressive and mean. All I wanted was to use my own plate but after a short deliberation there was absolutely no way in the world I was going to walk out of Chipotle with any kind of burrito. So I wrestled with it in my head, I really wanted Chipotle, was I willing to sacrifice my project for the food I wanted. It was in my mind the healthiest option I could possibly make, plus it sounded good. My better half decided the situation was simply not right. I completely understand from a sanitation standpoint why a fine establishment like Chipotle might not want to accept my plate but…. When I got home I looked up there website and they even have a tab Food with Integrity making all sorts of claims about the food they serve and the environment. And yet they would not let me do something as simple as use my own plate, hmm. This is getting me thinking…. 

Don't worry, I did not go hungry this evening I walked back towards the studio and made a quick stop at Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches. Who happily, maybe I should not say happily as it was the night before Thanksgiving and I am sure everyone wishes they were home with family. But it was accepted and I ordered the only thing I have ever gotten from JJ the #6 Vegetarian Unwich. It turns out the unwich really needs that paper wrapping to keep it together but I made it work without! I hope you are enjoying the adventure of this project as much as I am!
Making my way to high street to check out my 'fast food' options.
Walking down high street, box in hand, rotating hands,
as the box gets heavier and heavier.
First stop: Chipotle
& things did not go well. 

Thankfully I did not go hungry and
Jimmy John's accepted my plate.
The plate in action! 

Dinner is served.
First time at the fountain with my cup.

Jimmy John's #6 Vegetarian unwich provolone,
avocado spread, cucumbers, lettuce, tomato & mayo.
It was much harder to eat then I had expected.
The paper wrapping that typically holds
the unwich together it turns out is an
important function of the unwich.  
All smiles around here.
Clean up was simple, wipe down with a
napkin and head out.

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