Wednesday, November 6, 2013

30 Days Project Part II: Day 6: turmeric

Wondering what this project is all about? Check out my first post for Day 1 to get the back story.
Image of Turmeric holders from today critique.
Morning routine.
(Tumeric, Yogaraja Guggulu, Aloe Juice)
Breakfast Smoothie and yogurt.

Lunch. I decided to eat at school today to avoid
transporting the plate.
Dinner: Farmers Market Veggies- garlic, onion, peppers,
mushrooms, local eggs, with avocado. Also, a dinner roll
with butter and honey, and apple cider to drink.
Today was my ceramics department critique for the semester. I typically enjoy critiques and all the questions that they leave you with. As an artist even in graduate school I sometimes fell trapped in my own space and I appreciate when others come in to visit, observe, and question. I realize for the most part I do this to myself but I have found that I need to eliminate the distractions for me to be productive. Few people visit my space other then those I schedule studio visits with and in those situations I am one-on-one. To be honest, in today's critique I felt a little overwhelmed everyone was asking good questions but can there ever be to many questions? My brain feels like a pile of scattered leaves with questions everywhere. What was most important? Where will I go from here? Only time will tell.

Following my critique I made a list of things that were missing as they relate to my 30 days project. As I move forward to plan is to complete them and fulfill the need as it presents itself. I am also going to further consider the design, function, and surface of the three primary vessels.

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