Saturday, November 23, 2013

30 Days Project Part II: Day 23: the box travels to Pittsburg, Rirkrit Tiravanija

Wondering what this project is all about? Check out my first post for Day 1 to get the back story.

Today, the Ohio State University graduate students went on a field trip to Pittsburg for the Carnegie International. I had my first adventure with the dish set outside of Columbus and my second time venturing to a restaurant to eat out. We all loaded on a bus at eight in the morning. I was exhausted as anyone would be following there review and I slept most of the way until we got close. I get motion sickness frequently I sit in the front seat, look out the window, make sure I am not reading,  and I still usually feel sick. The bus is not my friend and once I woke up and we were not on the smooth highway I started feeling sick and was over come with nausea, you know what horrible salivating in your mouth feeling, yuck, horrible, so happy to be standing on solid ground again! I had a wonderful experience at  the Carnegie Museum International Art Exhibition. I exited the bus with my box in hand and I can't tell you how thankful I was the museum had lockers so I tucked my box away for safe keeping during my visit. I went out to lunch at the noodle restaurant near the museum where I had a bubble tea and of course a noodle dish. We ended the trip with a visit to the Warhol Museum and a long bus ride home that again ended in a rush of sickness as we exited the highway.

Tea at the Carnegie Museum of Art.
 Turned into a collaboration with Rirkrit Tiravanija.
AMAZING experience keep reading to find out more!

Early morning breakfast,
yogurt and honey.
Any day with bubble tea is a good day.
Taro bubble tea, glass straw, straw pouch.
Lunch: I have no idea what was in it(and to be honest that kind of scares me...) but I can tell you I ordered it without  chicken and shrimp and it arrived at my table with the chicken and shrimp. I felt bad wasting the food so I accepted it,  ate around the meat, and sent the meat home with a friend for leftovers. 
Pecan Pie, pre-desert...
Gun Young made a spicy Korean dish for dinner. 
A few of my favorite pieces from the Carnegie Museum of Art. 
A double chair.
It is hard to explain the pure joy I felt in experiencing the piece below by Rirkrit Tiravanija untitled(cure) from 1992. I learned about Rirkrit for the first time last year in my contemporary art history course, but I had been interested in the ideas behind his work for some time. It has been an exciting pursuit to explore the work of an artist who creates environment and experiences in ways very similar to my own interests, but not creating objects in the same way. As a vessel maker the objects hold a deep significance that is important to me. The objects used in this piece were teapots and cups that were commercially manufactured. I began to question the the significance of the objects and how the intent of the work changes with the chosen objects. I entered the tent with my own cup and the women working let me use it without hesitation. As I began drinking tea with my friends I realized that I was in way collaborating with Rirkrit in brining my own project into his piece and experiencing his piece with my own cup.
Enjoying the exhibition with friends
Gun Young & Alana.
First one in line, waiting so patiently.
Pure Joy. Tea time.

Tea with a stranger, me, Gun Young, Alana, & David.
I have to admit I was looking forward to talking with someone and forming a connection with a person I did not know. The women on the left stopped in long enough to snap this photo. The experience left me a little disappointed. I did share something wonderful with my friends we talked, questioned, and had a good conversation. Maybe thats all that matters, reflecting on what you already have not something I had hoped to achieve.

Thanks for stopping by to read the blog I hope you will come again and follow my journey!

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