Friday, November 22, 2013

30 Days Project Part II: Day 22: committee review & a whole fish

Wondering what this project is all about? Check out my first post for Day 1 to get the back story.
Collards, fresh goat cheese made this morning, local eggs,
and toast.
Morning routine.

Fresh soft and the the most amazing goat cheese,
I have ever tasted.
Lunch I got ahead myself on this one,
check out the photos below from my
review to see what I ate for lunch!
The start of a three course dinner with the wonderful Gun Young, in
celebration of the completion of my review. A whole fish, stuffed with
a feta cheese blend from Whole Foods Market.
Gun Youngs Pumpkin Soup with sticky rice balls.
 Dessert is no surprise, I baked a pie.
Pecan Pie.

My fall semester graduate review was this afternoon, now I can breath! All the pieces, and vegetables fell into place. I planned the event Salad Party to take place at the beginning of my review. Below is a detailed description of what went into the event.

I started growing this lettuce as a class assignment and as it sprang up from seed I began to consider how I could use it in my work. It kept growing and and growing until this morning, I brought my lettuce trays over and cut the lettuce releasing it and allowing it to exist in a new way. The lettuce that was sustaining its own life would now help sustain the lives of my invited guests. I am interested in the connection that forms between the food we eat, the vessels we eat off, and the people. The people that I welcome in to complete my work.

Graduate Review: the table is set for the Salad Party: a lunch event.
I planned for every detail of the event including the tea that I blended myself from all organic ingredients.

Fresh harvested lettuce from my greenhouse class, roaster farmers market beets, fresh made this morning soft goat cheese, healthy tea blend (I mixed myself with holy basil, rose hips, elderberry, and yarrow), homemake dressing with pumpkin seed oil (a gift from a students homeland- Austria where it is a popular oil), aged balsamic vinegar (a gift from my friend Sage from her summer travels home Maine), mustard, my very special Florida Tupelo honey (from when I lived in Gainesville), and a sprinkle of salt and pepper. Thanks to my good friends Cari and Mike for making this very simple salad dressing for me back in Gainesville, FL.
 My committee ate it up…. literally.

The aftermath.

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