Monday, November 25, 2013

30 Days Project Part II: Day 25: live life to the fullest

Wondering what this project is all about? Check out my first post for Day 1 to get the back story.
Katrina,  Jeni, Tonya

Today, was difficult as every November 25 has been for the past seven years. Seven years ago, I lost a best friend, a soul mate. A young women who changed the course of my life. I had met Tonya only three years prior during my first day of cheerleading practice at a new high school. Her passion, her love for life, and her energy filled the room. It was only natural that we would unite and during my senior year we became the closet of friends. Both Katrina, Tonya, and many others filled my life with so much joy and memories I will carry with me forever. When I left for college, Tonya was still a few year younger then I was but we stayed close friends. We would frequently meet for breakfast/lunch or whatever we could make time for usually meeting at the Good Earth Cafe, we could spend hours talking about art and life. We were supposed to meet on Monday, after I returned from a trip to Colorado with my family. I had cancelled the week prior because I was overwhelmed with school. My heart ripped open when I found out I had lost my friend. And Monday when we were supposed to meet it felt even worse. I still ask myself how could I have been to busy for my friend? I have forgiven myself now, but that does't mean it doesn't hurt. Tonya left me with a new perspective on life, and friendship. Two things I have made sure to fulfill in everyway possible. 
If not for my relationship with Tonya, I would not be the artist I am today. I might be a maker of things but I would not be a graduate student in ceramics, I would not have studied art education, and I would not have been an art teacher. Tonya was born an artist and I am not sure I was. I crawled and felt my way into it. I found clay at a very young age and I fell in love with it. But I was never very good a drawing and so I simply was not an artist. How could I be if I could not draw… That was until I met Tonya my first real art teacher. Tonya believed in me when no one else saw the potential. She taught me to see the world in a way I never had before and to draw what I was seeing. I still might not be the best at drawing but I sure can form the clay! Each day I wake up thankful my life has taken the course it has. I am so much more then a maker of objects. My art is making a difference. Thank you Tonya, for touching my life in such a deep way. For giving me the courage and confidence to be the artist, I knew I could be. 

Live life to the fullest. -Tonya

Todays, post it dedicated to all my friends. The ones who were there to help me through the very difficult time of losing a friend and those that came after that helped fill the painful void that remained. 
Breakfast of stewed apples with cloves

Morning Routine.

Dinner and Dessert.
Growing up I had a favorite meal, it was my go to, eat it no
matter what kind of meal. It was and still is grilled cheese
and tomato soup. It was just what I needed today. And a
piece of my first every homemade pecan pie.
Lunch almond butter and raspberry 
jam sandwich with blackberries.

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